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Friday, December 6, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Movies – Day 7 – Gremlins

For Day 7 of 25 Days of Christmas Movies, I chose Gremlins (1984). It’s another choice that might make you think…Christmas? You bet. Remember, the whole epic disaster started because some stupid dad thought that cute little fur ball Gizmo would make a good Christmas present for his teenaged son, Billy. But who gives a present with instructions that say. 1) Never get it wet and, 2) Never, ever feed it after midnight to a teenager anyway? Wouldn’t that be a clue that it’s a very bad gift to give to a teenager? They aren’t exactly known for making the most responsible choices. 

Of course Billy gets Gizmo wet, resulting in a whole bunch of scary looking Gremlins with big teeth and voracious appetites. Then the Gremlins trick him into feeding them after midnight, resulting in mass chaos, which Billy and his girlfriend have to stop.

Couple interesting factoids. Gizmo is voiced by Howie Mandel and the girlfriend is none other than 80’s teenage fantasy figure Phoebe Cates.

(Phoebe Cates. She's much cuter than the Gremlins)

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