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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Movies - Day 24 - A Christmas Story

Woo hoo! We are almost there! It’s Christmas Eve and today I chose my favorite holiday movie of all time: A Christmas Story (1983). First off, if you see or hear the phrase “You’ll shoot your eye out” and don’t get the reference…your life has been sadly deprived and you need to go out to Target or Best Buy or start searching Netflix or whatever movie service you use and get this movie NOW.
There is not one moment of this movie that isn’t absolute perfection and LOL funny. The deadpan perfection of narrator Jean Shepherd (the story is based on his work); the little brother in the snowsuit; the neighborhood bully; the
lesson about sticking your tongue on a flagpole in sub-zero weather; Ralphie cursing as his dad tries to change a flat tire; grandma’s bunny suit; the infamous leg lamp and the ensuing war as mom tries to destroy it; the mystery message that turns out to be an advertisement for Ovaltine; the dogs eating Christmas dinner…and of course Ralphie’s dream to get a Red Rider BB Gun from Christmas and everyone’s insistence that he’ll “just shoot his eye out”…which he almost does.

Find this movie on TV or buy it, rent it whatever...Just watch it again.

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