Sunday, June 28, 2015

Book Launch Tomorrow - Left Turn At Paradise

TOMORROW, TOMORROW!! Tomorrow is the launch of my new women's fiction/romance, LEFT TURN AT PARADISE. It's also the launch of a new series set in Florida, the Shellwater Key Tales. So what is this story about? I know you're dying to find out!!! The series follows three childhood friends who all return to their hometown & become involved in reviving an old dinner theatre, The Paradise. 

Book one is Layla's story...Thought I'd introduce you to the cast.


Layla McCarthy - Driven businesswoman who was raised by her grandmother, after being abandoned by her mother. She's spent most of her life trying to outrun her mother's wild reputation. She loses her business due to an unscrupulous partner. When she finds out her great-aunt & grandmother have bought the old Paradise Dinner Theatre, she returns to her hometown to ensure her elderly relative don’t lose their life savings. Reviving the theatre also brings an unexpected romance with Grayson Kendall, the enigmatic director hired to produce the first show.

Grayson Kendall – Famed theatre director from Chicago. He’s come to Shellwater Key to visit his aunt & uncle (and hide out) after a headline-making divorce from his gorgeous celebrity wife. The last thing he expected was to rehab a broken down theatre in the middle of nowhere, but he can't resist Layla.

Dr. Barbara McCarthy – Layla’s grandmother and the first female surgeon in Florida. While she was busy breaking down barriers for women, she lost the one thing that should have mattered more…her daughter.

Grace-Anne Carter – Barbara McCarthy’s younger sister. Grace-Anne moved in with Barbara after both their husbands died and together they raised Layla. Grace-Anne decides to buy The Paradise as an ode to a long-lost love connected to the theatre.

Elizabeth (Beth) McCarthy – Layla’s mother who returns to Shellwater Key looking to make amends for her past after a terrible illness. Her return uncovers some dark truths surrounding Layla’s birth, including the role played by her beloved grandmother.