Tuesday, February 24, 2015

All Hail Lady Gaga - 2015 Oscars

Have you seen the performance of Lady Gaga singing at the Oscars? If you had to guess which movie Lady Gaga would sing a medley from, would you have picked Sound of Music?

Probably not…and yet she did sing “The Hills Are Alive” and “Climb Every Mountain” …and in the process blew everyone away.

It might surprise you to know that I’ve been a fan of Lady Gaga for years. Yes, she’s weird, and yes she wears even weirder outfits. She’s like that person who gets up on Open Mike Night or a poetry reading. However, to me all that stuff is just window dressing. It’s costumes and staging and drama, which are calculated to do one thing. GET ATTENTION. (Like Katie Perry deciding to “Kiss a Girl” or Megan Trainer being “All About That Bass”.) Sure, wearing red lace over your face gets you noticed, but there has to be something more, otherwise people just get tired of the shtick. But Lady Gaga is more than the costumes and staging. She is a brilliant artist. Her songs (at least the early ones) are catchy. Have you ever really watched her play the piano? She’s fantastic! She’s got a great voice too. Have you heard any of her duets with Tony Bennett? Amazing.

I’ve always thought that the only thing Lady Gaga could do at this point to “shock” people would be to appear as herself (without the costumes and wigs and the “SHOW”) and just sing.

Which is what she did at the Oscars. She blew the roof off of what was otherwise a “ho hum” Oscar telecast. Julie Andrews recognized that, and so did the rest of the country.

Here's the performance....