Wednesday, April 19, 2017

5 Days Till Last Stop At Paradise...Plus enter to WIN a Kindle Fire

I can feel the clock ticking, and I’m getting so excited. Last Stop At Paradise will be officially release in just FIVE DAYS! I really can’t wait for you to read this tale.

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If you’ve read the first two Shellwater Key Tales, you should remember the hero in this one. Noah Johnson has the distinction of appearing in EVERY Shellwater Key book (including the companion book to Left Turn At Paradise (Coming Home To Paradise) and the two Christmas novellas). Now, it’s his turn to be the “leading man”. Noah has always been in the background, dispensing advice and wisdom. For all his willingness to help everyone, Noah has always been a bit of an enigma. Who is he really? What caused him to wander like a vagabond for so long? Why won’t he talk about his past? This story finally tells his tale, and I dare you not to cry when it is finally revealed.

Noah turned out to be super sexy and the perfect foil poor, wounded Callie. She needed someone with strength, but also gentleness. Someone could handle all of her ghosts.

Here’s a little excerpt where Callie and Noah meet. Callie has joined her children swimming at their new house (her childhood home).

Since it had been so long since Callie had gotten any exercise, it wasn’t long before she became winded. Breathing heavily, she swam over to the shallow end. She’d just settled on the top step when the gate opened and a man walked through.
Startled, Callie jumped to her feet, ready to defend her children from the intruder.
He halted mid-stride, his eyes widening in surprise. “Hello.”
Through the fog of panic, Callie finally took notice of the bucket of chlorine in his hand. She also noticed he was gorgeous. He was probably mid-thirties. Tall, broad shoulders, and hair that was a mixture of light brown and honey, with strands of blond woven in. Callie couldn’t see his eyes behind his sunglasses, but somehow knew they would be amazing. A hunch that was confirmed when he slid the dark lenses down the bridge of his nose.
Not green, not brown, not gold, but a mix of colors like his hair. Penetrating eyes that seemed to look right into her soul.
“You must be the super-secret owner of this house,” he said.
His gaze lowered, and Callie suddenly remembered she wore only a bra and underwear. Letting out a shriek, she sank back into the water up to her chin.
“What are you doing here?” she demanded from her admittedly awkward position. “Who are you?”
“I help out with the pool service,” he said. “We thought you’d be moving in tomorrow, so the owner wanted me to swing by this morning to get everything ready.”
“We got here a little early,” Callie said, keenly aware of how much skin he must be seeing. It wasn’t like the water was murky. “Don’t you know how to knock?”
“Sorry, there hasn’t been anyone living here since I’ve been cleaning the pool. I’m used to walking right on in.” A grin pulled at his lips. “Not that I’m complaining.”
When he smiled, he transformed from handsome to devastating. That teasing gesture pulled at something deep within her. A long-buried part that remembered what it was like to desire someone and be desired in return.
Get a grip, Callie Dalton. You’ve obviously lost your mind.

Monday, April 17, 2017

One Week Till Last Stop At Paradise...Plus a Kindle GIVEAWAY!

Let the countdown begin!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday. I was able to visit my parents and see my brother, sister-in-law, and 8-yr-old niece. Family time is always special, right?  

I am super excited about this week because NEXT MONDAY is the launch of LAST STOP AT PARADISE!!! This is Book 3 in the Shellwater Key Tales, and “possibly” the last entry in the series.

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What is this story about?

Last Stop At Paradise is Callie and Noah’s story.

Callie Dalton is the third in the trio of childhood friends, along with Layla McCarthy and Emma Bertram. She had perhaps the most troubled childhood, enduring the tragic death of her mother when she was only 10-years-old. Due to the awful circumstances surrounding that death, Callie’s father wanted to move as far away from Shellwater Key as possible. Of course, it wasn’t far enough to truly escape the memories.

Callie ends up marrying a minister, Austin Dalton, and he goes on to build a mega-church empire that is known across the country. Then Callie’s life crumbles again when Austin is arrested on a litany of charges. Before a trial begin, Austin dies, leaving Callie and her two children to try to scrape out a new life completely on their own.

With no money and nowhere to go - and after finding out her father never sold their old house - Callie returns to Shellwater Key and is soon reunited with her best friends, Layla and Emma. She finds a new job working for Layla as the House Manager at The Paradise Dinner Theatre.

Last Stop At Paradise is really about carving out a new life. Haven’t we all faced times when we were forced to rebuild? Maybe a difficult breakup. The loss of a job. Losing a loved one. Callie Dalton is there, and this story is her journey back to life.

Here’s a little excerpt:

Chapter One

I’m about to move into a haunted house.
Callie Dalton stared at the home where she’d spent the first ten years of her life. She didn’t actually believe in ghosts — at least not the “boo” kind — but there were other kinds of spiritual disturbances. Call them the Ghosts of Upended Lives and Shattered Dreams or the Specters of Agony and Loss. Those kinds of ghosts were all too real, as she well knew.
Moving back into this house, in the sleepy town of Shellwater Key on Florida’s southwest coast, carried its own special brand of the macabre. Of course, her entire life had become one big train wreck so what was a little more pain? Only six months ago, she’d been the first lady of one of the country’s largest televangelist empires. She’d stood as the silent queen behind her charismatic preacher husband, Austin Dalton, who’d founded the Glory Gospel empire.
That was before the arrest and the litany of Federal charges against Austin for multiple counts of fraud and tax evasion. Within weeks, the Feds had seized everything they owned. Then came the shocking end to the scandal when Austin died of a sudden heart attack.
These days, Callie was the most despised woman in America. The fact that she was a widow now only garnered outrage that the person responsible for ruining so many lives had died before he could pay for his crimes.
So, what was living in the same house where her mother died compared to national shame? Compared to months of Federal agents breathing down her neck? Learning to ignore icy glares and even threats to her life? At least when she’d been a child, everyone had felt sorry for her. Now, Callie knew many would not care if she were to join Austin in a premature death.
A sweaty hand tugged on her skirt. “Mommy, are we goin’ in? I’m hungry.”
Callie jerked back to the present, forcing herself to focus on the two most important things in her life. Seven-year-old Leanne looked up, her faintly tilted dark eyes narrowed in confusion. Seeing her daughter’s wide, gap-toothed smile, it was sometimes hard to remember the child had spent the first nine months of her life in a Chinese orphanage. When Callie and Austin had first adopted Leanne, she hadn’t allowed anyone to hold her, and had eaten like she didn’t trust that the next meal would come. Now, she was a healthy, happy girl who loved tea parties, dolls, and all things pink.
“Yes, we’re going inside, baby,” Callie said. “Mommy just wanted to look and remember.”
“Remember what?” Six-year-old Stephen asked, without looking away from an ant that was attempting to carry a crumb back to its buddies. Stephen had spent the first few months of his life in an orphanage, too, only his had been in the Ukraine. Callie’s wiry and curious little boy pushed a chunk of blond hair out of his eyes, reminding her that he needed to visit the barber ASAP.
“Things I really should forget,” Callie said, struggling to stay in the moment and not think about her past or her future.
Stephen lost interest in the ant and glanced up, blue eyes twinkling with mischief. “Why?”
“Because Mommy likes to torture herself.”
“I don’t know.”
Leanne put her hands to her skinny hips. “You should stop,” she said, with an emphatic nod.
Out of the mouths of babes. “I’m sure you’re right,” Callie said, tweaking her daughter’s nose.
If only she knew how to stop. If only she could cut off the pangs of guilt and shame. If only she knew what her next step would be.

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