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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Movies - Day 11 - Love Actually

For Day 11 of 25 Days of Christmas Movies I chose one of my favorite movies period, Love, Actually (2003). The movie stars just about every famous British actor working today. (Update: Sadly the fabulous Alan Rickman passed away since I originally first posted this series.) The weaving together of about a dozen different stories playing out in the weeks before Christmas is sheer perfection.

From the aging rocker (Bill Nighy) trying to hang on to fame to the film doubles holding perfectly normal conversations while simulating sex scenes. The practically unknown Andrew Lincoln, who’s now best known for fighting zombies, loving his best friend’s wife, (Keira Knightly in one of her early roles). Prime Minister Hugh Grant falling for his hottie secretary. Widower Liam Neeson trying to help his stepson land the girl he loves. The desperately sad Laura Linney trying and failing to have a relationship with the hottie art director at work. For my money the most powerful scene in the movie has no words. It’s Emma Thompson standing in a bedroom silently falling apart after her character realizes the necklace she saw in her husband’s (Alan Rickman) pocket went to another woman. She is heartbreaking.

But I think my favorite “story” has to be Colin Firth as thriller author Jamie who escapes to the most adorable cabin ever to write after his girlfriend cheats on him with his brother. Aurelia is the Portuguese maid sent to help take care of the house (and I guess him). My favorite scene is the two of them jumping into a freezing lake to retrieve his latest book. The two fall in love despite not knowing a word of the other’s language.  There’s a reason why so many women adore Colin Firth and this movie showcases all of them. 

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