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Thursday, December 12, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Movies - Day 13 - Elf

Will Ferrell as a man who thinks he’s an elf. Could there be a better premise? Elf (2003) my pick for Day 13 of 25 Days of Christmas Movies. It may be the best of the more recent holiday movies. Talk about the perfect actor for a role. Buddy is an orphan who was raised by elves so he thinks he is one. And when he learns the truth, he sets out for New York City to find his father (played by the fabulously gruff James Caan).

Buddy’s wide-eyed innocence could have been cloying, but Ferrell’s sincerity (something he rarely ever plays in movies) carries the day. There are so many hilarious moments: His reaction to the “store Santa” and subsequent destruction of the “North Pole”. His love of revolving doors. His habit of dumping sugar (or syrup) on everything he eats. The epic snowball fight with a couple of bullies. Note: Don’t ever get into a snowball fight with an elf. Plus, you gotta love Ed Asner as a rather cranky Santa, not to mention the bumbling Bob Newhart as Buddy’s adoptive elf father.

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