Thursday, November 3, 2016

4 Days Till Falling For You At Christmas...and a chance to win a $50 Gift Card

It’s getting close everyone. Falling For You At Christmas will soon be available as a single title. Launch date is Monday, November 7th but you you can pre-order your copy now!!! Did I mention it’s ONLY 99 cents!!

PLUS...I added an incentive to buy now. Anyone who purchases the book within 48 hours of the launch (by Wednesday, Nov. 9) will be entered for a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card. A second person will win a $25 Gift Card. Just send proof of purchase to 

Pre-orders count in the 48-hour window!!!

My newest baby made her debut in “Sweet Christmas Kisses 3” last month so she already has some really nice 5-Star reviews. Take a look!

“This story reminded me of family and friends and never truly being alone.”

“Stole my heart...A romantic tale that whet my appetitive for more Hallmark-type Christmas stories!”

“A fast-moving story that is clean, cute, and filled with humor.”

What's it about?

Falling For You At Christmas is the story of Cassie Stephens, a soon-to-be single mother who is looking to experience some holiday cheer before her baby girl is born. She decides to take a vacation in the sleepy Florida town of Shellwater Key. She books a room at The “Original” Inn on the Strip, but “oops” her reservation is lost. Fortunately, the handsome (and single) owner of the inn, Jared Latham, offers to let Cassie stay with him and his young daughter, Tara. That’s wonderful…except Cassie could now be in danger of falling for the innkeeper.

 Here’s a sneak peek at the moment Cassie & Jared meet.

When Cassie walked out a minute later, she spotted the man who’d been behind the desk, pacing a few feet away. She hadn’t paid much attention to him earlier, but now she did and…wow!
Tara’s dad – it couldn’t be anyone else since he was wearing a groove in the wood floor with his frantic pacing – was drop-dead gorgeous. Men’s magazine cover-worthy hotness. He was tall, with tousled dark-blond hair falling over his forehead. Cassie’s gaze swept down, taking in the light-blue work shirt and molded jeans encasing a butt that was as close to perfection as she’d ever seen.
Her baby girl jumped in apparent excitement at the sight of the most beautiful male specimen she’d encountered in some time. So did Cassie’s heartbeat.
She rubbed her stomach. “Down girl,” Cassie murmured. “He doesn’t belong to us.”
No doubt Tara’s dad had an equally gorgeous wife somewhere. Probably waiting around the corner to make sure no predatory females tried to poach her delectable man.
Mr. Gorgeous stopped pacing and swung toward her. She was confronted with eyes the color of the summer sky on a clear day. Cassie almost shielded her own eyes lest the brilliance of those blue orbs damage her retinas or make her fantasize about things she had no right thinking. Not with a baby coming in a few weeks…and not when there had to be a Mrs. Gorgeous lurking in the shadows.
Right now, his beautiful eyes were staring at her with a mixture of panic and horror, which worked to break the haze of attraction. Right. Tara’s dad thought she’d been about to give birth in the bathroom stall.
“There you are.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I’ve been out of my mind.”
“I’m fine.” Cassie fought the urge to smooth his hair back into place. Or tousle it some more. Any excuse that would allow her to touch him. “No babies on the way yet.”
“Babies?” His gaze slid down to her belly. “You’re not having…”
Gah! Did she look like she was carrying multiples? Cassie felt as big as a horse these days, but she hoped that was mostly in her own mind.
“No, there’s only one,” Cassie said. “Unless Baby Girl Stevens is hiding a twin somehow.”
“Cool!” Tara appeared at her dad’s elbow. “You’re having a girl?”
“Do you have a name picked out yet?”
Cassie wrinkled her nose. “No.”
The name problem continued to plaque her. She’d been wracking her brain, reading baby name books, looking online, going through the Bible and every book of classic literature she could find, but so far she was stuck. Cassie had decided she’d probably have to wait until her daughter arrived and hope a name would come to her then.
Tara’s dad took a few steps closer. “Well, if you’re sure everything is fine, why don’t I get you checked in? I’m sure you want to go to your room and rest for a bit.”
Seriously? First, she was the size of a barn door, and now pale and sickly? The one quick glance in the mirror a moment ago had assured that her long dark hair still mostly remained in the bun she’d created this morning. Yes, she had purple smudges under her brown eyes, but nothing too alarming.
“Do I look like I’m about to keel over?” she asked, with a growing irritation. Here she was practically drooling over Mr. Gorgeous, and he thought she was a fat, tired-looking old hag.
“No, you look beautiful.”
The words seemed ripped from his mouth, and they hung in the air for a moment like a downed power line sizzling in the street. Mr. Gorgeous’ blue eyes went even wider, and he swallowed. “Sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry,” Cassie said. “I’ve been feeling like a beached whale for the last couple months. It’s nice to know I’m not totally hideous.”
His lips stretched into a grin that seemed connected to his eyes. “Definitely not hideous.”
Oh, he needed to stop doing that. A grinning Mr. Gorgeous threatened to fry all her brain cells, making it almost impossible to resist jumping him, something Mrs. Gorgeous might object to.


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