Saturday, November 5, 2016

2 Days Till Falling For You At Christmas...Pre-order today for a chance to win!

Falling For You At Christmas is almost here and I thought you might like to meet the main characters. It’s fun to imagine what the characters look like. Of course, they reside in my head so it’s hard to translate that to flesh & blood people. I do go through the exercise of looking for images that “could” be my characters, though, especially when it comes time to promote a book.

So, today I’m going to introduce you to

Cassie & Jared…


And here’s a bonus excerpt that gives you an even better idea of just how hot Jared Latham is…

Cassie spotted Jared jogging up the beach. An involuntary breath of feminine appreciation escaped before she could stop it. She was vaguely aware of Henry’s knowing chuckle beside her, but everything else faded against the sight of Jared Latham’s long limbs churning along the sand. Every muscle and sinew flexed and bulged. She might have whimpered out loud.
“Go get him, dear,” Henry murmured in her ear. Then he was gone, but again Cassie hardly noticed. How could she when male perfection was literally coming closer? Jared had spotted her and shifted his path.
“You’re up early,” he said. “Most people are still swaddled in their beds at this time.”
Jared really shouldn’t mention beds when he looked so hot and sweaty and delicious. She really should have prepared better for such an encounter. Girded her loins and her senses or something.
“Couldn’t sleep,” Cassie managed to spit out.
There was a little bead of sweat meandering down the side of his perfectly formed shoulder, and Cassie wanted to wipe it off…or lick it off.
Gah! Stop that!
“You okay?” Jared asked, his brows pinching together in a frown.
“Yes, I’m fine.”
“Really? Your cheeks are red.”
That’s pure grade lust.
“I’m really okay,” Cassie said. “How are you?”
“Hot…” Jared groaned a little.
Yes…yes you are.
“Hard to believe it’s Christmas Eve, and I still can’t make it through a run without sweating through my shirt,” Jared said.
Cassie thanked God for the Florida winter that kept Jared Latham hot and bothered. She would have paid the Almighty to ramp up the heat so the shirt would come off completely if such a bribe were possible.
“Mmm…” Cassie murmured because he seemed to expect some response.
Then Jared did the most amazing thing. He used the bottom of his shirt to wipe his face. A move that exposed rock hard abs, a true six-pack complete with an impressive V. Cassie had wondered if such a physique actually existed outside of movies or magazines featuring models that had to be photo manipulated to look that way. Cassie also noticed every member of the yoga class had stopped mid-pose to stare. Two actually fell over in an attempt to get a better look.
Cassie herself might have whimpered out loud again, although maybe it wasn’t quite a whimper because Jared instantly knelt down in front of her.
“You’re not all right,” he said. “Are you in pain? Should I call someone?”
“Definitely not in pain.” Cassie shook her head to dislodge the dangerously lust-filled thoughts. “I was enjoying the show.”
“What show?” He glanced over his shoulder. “The yoga class?”
“No, the one where you lifted your shirt, giving me and all those stretchy ladies over there a morning they won’t soon forget.” She glared at a skinny woman with obvious implanted D cups, who was staring at Jared like a panther ready to pounce. “I think I know why they choose this spot to hold their class now.”
His grin turned positively wolfish. “You liked that?”
“The whole world liked that,” Cassie said. “I think the seagulls even stopped to watch. It was that impressive.”
“Glad I could get your day off to a nice start.”


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