Friday, November 4, 2016

3 Days Till Falling For You At Christmas

I can feel the excitement rising as the day gets closer. Only TWO DAYS till you can own FALLING FOR YOU AT CHRISTMAS for ONLY 99 cents!!!

When I set out to determine an idea for a new Christmas story, I began toying with the notion of writing a modern day “First Christmas” tale…as in Jesus, Mary & Joseph, in a stable, in Bethlehem.

The phrase “no room at the inn” kept ringing in my head. It wasn’t long before Cassie Stephens emerged. A young, single woman who is weeks away from giving birth decides to take a vacation…only her room reservation is lost.

Then I had to create a supporting cast with names suspiciously similar to those that appear in the Nativity story.

-Amelia Lamb, a widow & retired labor/delivery nurse
-Rick & Juliet Shepherd, a long-time married couple
-Henry “King” Stuart, a successful auto dealership owner (His catch phrase is “The King of the Deal”)

The staff at the inn also carries the theme, with Chef Gabrielle Velazquez (yep I made a female archangel) and her father J├ęsus. (For those who are not familiar, that is a actually very popular Hispanic name, only it’s pronounced “Hey-sus”. You’ll even see girls with the name occasionally, especially as middle name such as Maria Jesus.)

I know you’ll have fun meeting all of these wonderful supporting characters. Amelia & Henry even get a little romance of their own, which is sweet.

But you can’t meet them unless you BUY THE BOOK!

Don't forget, if you buy FALLING FOR YOU AT CHRISTMAS within 48 hours of the launch on Monday (by Wednesday, Nov. 9), you can enter for a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card! Just email proof of purchase to 

(Pre-orders count as buys in the 48-hour window!!!) 


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