Thursday, January 12, 2017

4 Days Till Straight On Toward Paradise

Launch day is January 16th and I am really getting excited for you all to read this tale. I want to introduce you to Emma and Reece today. They are total opposites in every way. Emma is a spitfire and sarcastic. Reece is a by-the-book lawyer, but with a deep core of decency and a real devotion to Emma’s sisters. A man with heart and strength. I have to say, they are pretty hot together, too. Sparks flying in all directions. 

First , I wanted to give you a look at what Emma and Reece might look like. 

And here's an excerpt. Get your fans ready!

 “I hope you will reconsider ripping the girls away from the only home they’ve ever known.”
“That’s not fair,” she said, hating that he was trying to force her hand.
“Nothing about this situation is fair, starting with the fact that your father and stepmother are dead.”
Lord, he was good at verbal fencing. Thrust and stab right in the heart. She closed her eyes to block out the pain, and in that moment he moved closer. She could feel the heat from his body as he stopped a few inches away. For a moment, she imagined leaning forward to rest her head on his chest. Maybe wrap her arms around him. Or maybe something more passionate that would make the agony go away, even for a few minutes.
Her breath caught at the idea, and her head came up. Reece stared down at her, and the heat behind those dark eyes could have powered an entire kitchen. She shivered as his gaze dipped to her lips.
“This is insane,” he muttered.
“I know, and you hate me.”
“I don’t—” His eyes closed, head shaking as if in denial. Another beat went by, and then he opened his eyes. The wry expression returned. “You’re going to drive me crazy, Miss Bertram.”
“Just returning the favor, Mr. Casings.”
“Reece…” he said, the raspy word a command.
Emma didn’t take commands well, but when he gave the orders… “Reece.”
His chest rose and fell again. They stared at each other, the heady pulse in the room vibrant and alive.
Now what, Counselor?

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