Friday, January 13, 2017

3 Days Till Straight On Toward Paradise

One of my favorite things about this book is that it includes a wonderful secondary plot for Emma’s mother, Mary Bertram. She takes the extraordinary step of staying in Shellwater Key to help her daughter learn how to become a mother to two girls who represent everything she lost when her ex-husband walked out. She even gets her own unexpected and surprising romance (with a YOUNGER man), which was a lot of fun. After the contentious mother/daughter relationships in Left Turn At Paradise (Book 1), it was quite refreshing to portray a healthy and strong one in this book.

The thing I loved about Mary’s story is that she represents a lot of women (of a certain age) who have been disappointed in a relationship or who have given up a dream they wanted for the sake of family. There are a lot of women who had to put their needs second to children and now she’s rediscovering a part of herself that was previously buried.


Grace spun around to see Brent Atwood lounging in the doorway of the dressing room.
He straightened and walked over. “I’m next, I think.”
Grace picked up a notepad and looked at it. “Yes, you are. I was just finishing up with Mary.”
Grace measured Mary’s head.
“You’ll look wonderful in a wide-brimmed hat,” Brent said.
Mary made a rude noise and rolled her eyes.
Brent put a hand to his heart. “She doesn’t believe me.” He looked to Grace for assistance.
Like he needed any help being charming. The problem was, Mary could never be sure if he was sincere or putting on an act. Although Mary couldn’t begin to imagine why he bothered. There were a dozen beautiful women in the cast, most younger and prettier than her. She’d seen the way they looked at him. He could have his pick of any of them, and Mary was under no delusion that he would ever pick a middle-aged divorcée and former music teacher.
“I believe you’re a world-class flatterer who’s used to women falling at your feet,” Mary said, ruthlessly suppressing the fizzy sensation he stirred up.
“Not true.”
“Oh, please. Look at you.”
He grinned at Grace and waggled his eyebrows. “She’s attracted to me, at least. That’s a start.”
Heat fanned Mary’s cheeks. “Stop. I don’t know what game you’re playing, but it’s not funny.”
His smile disappeared, his eyes meeting hers in the mirror. “Actually, I’m not playing games. I hope you can at least let me prove it.”
She stared back at him, unable to look away. “How would you do that?”
“By taking you to dinner,” he said
She about fell over from shock. Surely she hadn’t heard right. “You’re asking me out?”
He paused as if in thought and then nodded. “Yes, that is what I said. I’d like to take you out.”
He laughed, making his eyes crinkle in a way that made her almost giddy. “Why? What kind of question is that?”
“It’s the kind of question a woman my age asks when a man your age asks her out,” Mary said in exasperation. “Why would you date me when you could have any woman you want? A younger, more beautiful woman?”
He gazed at her with tenderness and something else that terrified her. Something close to passion. “I don’t want all those other women, Mary Bertram. I want you. You fascinate me, and I haven’t felt that way in a long time.”
Mary’s heart stuttered and then started racing. She hadn’t been the object of anyone’s fascination in a long time, and Brent seemed absolutely sincere. He wasn’t that good of an actor. So why was she so scared?
Oh, right, the little matter of him being a decade younger and more handsome than any man had a right to be.
She glanced over at Grace, who smiled and waved her hands as if to say, ‘go for it’.
Mary looked at Brent again. “All right.”

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