Saturday, April 15, 2017

Release Day Almost Here...Last Stop At Paradise and Two Chances to Win

I'm so excited that Book 3 in the Shellwater Key Tales, LAST STOP AT PARADISE, will launch in just over a week on Monday, April 24th! A new release is always an amazing experience for an author. It's partly surreal/partly nerve-wracking. You hope people will like it and appreciate all the effort that was put into writing it.

I'm so excited that I'm running a giveaway. If you buy LAST STOP AT PARADISE by midnight on Monday, May 1st (one week after the release) you can enter to win cool prizes.

1st Prize - Kindle Fire
2nd Prize - $50 Gift Card

Just email proof of purchase to by May 1st.



"For a while, I thought maybe I was supposed to help all the lost souls wandering the halls of The Paradise," Noah said, with self-deprecating humor...
“They’ve all told me how much you’ve counseled them,” Callie said. “There’s a reason everyone thinks you’re an angel.”
“Yes, but now I realize it wasn’t just about them.” His gaze centered on her. “I think maybe I was supposed to wait for something else. For someone else.”

When Callie Dalton’s charismatic, televangelist husband falls into disgrace, Callie goes down with him. Now he’s dead, leaving Callie to face the wrath of the public alone. With nowhere else to go, she takes her two young children and escapes to a place she’s spent most of her life trying to forget.

Shellwater Key holds memories of sweet childhood friendships…and the tragic death of her mother. Most everyone is horrified when Callie moves back in to the same house where her mother died, but after the scandal her options are limited. Except that same house now comes with a bonus…a handsome “pool boy” with changeable eyes, a killer smile, and shoulders wide enough to carry every one of her burdens.

Noah Johnson isn’t actually a pool boy. He’s the carpenter and resident “angel” at The Paradise Dinner Theatre, now owned by her friend, Layla McCarthy. After a disastrous and humiliating job hunt, Noah helps engineer a position as House Manager at the theatre. A chance to start over is an answer to prayer, but every instinct warns that proximity to the sexy and enigmatic Noah could be the most dangerous complication to Callie's life…and her wary heart. But when she learns the truth about Noah’s story and his former occupation, she's ready to run again. It will take a willingness to face her tragic past and embrace the possibilities of tomorrow for Callie to find the love that will finally set her free.