Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Theatre 101: Show Week Continues...Second Dress Rehearsal

Night 2 of Dress Rehearsal...
We have a more complete stage - there are actual walls! Still a few details to add, but it's starting to look like a real place now.


Things we've learned so far:
-The actress who plays Grandma is sick and we're not sure she will be recovered time. We're wondering who we can slap her wig on come play time.

-The ladies are getting used to navigating rickety stairs in period dresses that weigh 15 pounds and have long, full skirts. Also, we know why women had dressers back-in-the-day. Getting in to those suckers is a two-person job. Same thing for hair.

-The couch is very low to the ground and some of our actors have trouble getting OUT of it so it's been elevated with wooden blocks on each leg.

-Nope, you don't actually have time to run to the other side backstage to grab that prop before you have to be back on.

-Still can't get two of my three hats to stay on. They slide off. Must figure this out.

-Figuring out the "drop off" points where you can actually fall OFF the stage (it's elevated about 3 feet) if you take a wrong step.

-My teased hair (before smoothing into a presentable hair style) makes me look like Edward Scissorhands, especially before makeup is applied. YIKES!

A peek at the full get-up.
Tonight is a run-through but without costumes. Thursday if the PREMIERE!!! Pray we make it!