Friday, December 30, 2016

New Year... #NewRelease...And a #Giveaway of a #KindleFire

I’m starting off 2017 with a bang. On January 16th, the next installment in the Shellwater Key Tales will officially launch. I’m very excited to present Book 2 in the series, Straight On Toward Paradise. Unlike the Christmas novella, this story will center once more on The Paradise Dinner Theatre, with chef Emma Bertram’s tale.

As a bonus, I’m offering a chance for you to WIN A KINDLE FIRE if you buy the ebook by January 24th! Once the book has downloaded, just click on the link inside to enter! You can also share the giveaway for extra chances to win!


Reece stared down at her, and the heat behind those dark eyes could have powered an entire kitchen. She shivered as his gaze dipped to her lips.
“This is insane,” he muttered.
“I know, and you hate me.”
“I don’t—” His eyes closed, head shaking as if in denial. Another beat went by, and then he opened his eyes. The wry expression returned. “You’re going to drive me crazy, Miss Bertram.”
“Just returning the favor, Mr. Casings.”
“Reece…” he said, the raspy word a command.
Emma didn’t take commands well, but when he gave the orders… “Reece.”
His chest rose and fell again. They stared at each other, the heady pulse in the room vibrant and alive.
Now what, Counselor?

Chef Emma Bertram doesn’t believe in the fantasy of happily ever after. As a teenager, she witnessed the destruction of her parents’ marriage when her father left for another woman. Lingering bitterness and a demanding career have kept her apart from her father’s new family for years. Then he and stepmother are suddenly killed. Returning to her childhood home of Shellwater Key, Florida, Emma suddenly finds herself with custody of her two half-sisters. Left with no choice but to stay in Shellwater Key, Emma accepts a job offer from her best friend Layla McCarthy as Head Chef at the old Paradise Dinner Theatre.

Renovating the dilapidated kitchen just might kill her and nothing has prepared her to become an instant mother. But it’s not her new job or her sisters that threaten Emma’s peace of mind. No, that honor belongs to her father’s law partner, Reece Casings. The buttoned-up, so-wrong-for-her, but oh-so-sexy lawyer makes Emma’s blood boil. Or is it heart race? How can she be attracted to a man who is so wrong for her in every way? A man who clearly blames Emma for the fractured relationship with her father and who loves to point out everything she’s doing wrong?

Except she cannot deny that Reece touches something in her that no man has before. Then an explosive secret boils to the surface that reveals Reece’s real connection to her family. Can Emma get past the truth? And can she ever learn to forgive her father – and herself – in order to serve up a delicious happily ever after?

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NOTE: If you missed Book 1 (Left Turn At Paradise) in the Shellwater Key Tales, it's on sale now for only 99cents! For buy links on all the major sites, visit my website: Kristin Wallace Author