Monday, September 15, 2014

Naked Reality

(First a disclaimer. I know OF these shows but have not watched them beyond a startled "what is this?" pause of horror. I know of them because I do watch TV and you can't escape hearing about them.)

Reality Shows have become a staple of the television landscape. You can’t turn on a TV without finding at least a dozen on at the same time. What started as a group of strangers in an isolated location eating bugs and undermining each other in order to earn money has morphed into dating shows, singing competitions, dancing celebrities, skating celebrities, singing celebrities, spoiled rich ladies spitting at each other, bad girls living in luxurious houses beating the snot out of each other, party-crazy 20-somethings living in luxurious houses and drinking themselves into a coma, dating gross celebrities shows and many more…

Now there is a new trend. Naked Reality Shows…

I guess it’s no longer titillating enough to have a group of strangers fighting or dating or eating gross stuff. We’re bored with the fighting and the dating and the eating gross stuff apparently. Now, they must do all those things NAKED. As in WITHOUT CLOTHES! 

There is Naked Dating on VH1, which must have run out of “Where Are They Now?” stories. Here single people are sent to a beachy location where they date…naked. (I guess it really does solve the question of what to wear on that first date.) This show has gotten extra attention because one of the “cast members” sued the producers for…wait for it…showing her naked. I’m not sure what she expected?

Another is Naked & Afraid, which I guess is similar to Survivor only with naked people. Do you remember when Richard Hatch, winner of the first season, went around with no clothes for most of the season? Now there’s an entire island of them. This one is on the Discovery Channel, which I guess is to make it seem “educational” in some way?

And here is another one I had not heard of.  Buying Naked. It’s on TLC, the same network that also airs the show about the Christian family with all those kids. How’s that for diverse programming? Buying Naked is described as “as firm of real estate brokers serving a nudist community”. It’s basically “House Hunters” with naked people I guess. And from the clip of a segment on the website the nudists see the houses without benefit of clothes. My first thought is I hope there is a rule about the nudists not sitting down ANYWHERE!  Can you imagine them testing out the couches or the dining room chairs? Did you have grandparents that used to wrap the furniture in plastic? This sounds like something the realtors should invest in. They carry it with them in the car along with the “FOR SALE” sign and drape it over the furniture for public safety.


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