Sunday, November 10, 2013

Extra! Extra!... I SOLD AGAIN!

Are you ready for more Covington Falls stories?

I hope so...because I sold the next TWO BOOKS in the series to Astraea Press: ACTING UP (Book 2) and IMAGINE THAT (Book 3). Expect Book 2 to be out some time in spring 2014. These books will introduce you to two more amazing couples. You'll also get to follow Julia and Seth's ongoing relationship. 

Book 2

If you read Marry Me you'll remember Ethan Thomas, Seth's friend and basketball buddy, who also lost his wife. In ACTING UP Ethan gets his second chance at love with disgraced Hollywood actress, Addison Covington (yes, she stole the name from the town).


Addison Covington is the reigning Ice Queen of television. Until her producer husband falls in love with her on-screen daughter and a well-placed punch on national television casts her as the wicked ex-wife. Fired and disgraced, she escapes to Covington Falls, the idyllic Southern town where she found comfort in a time of turmoil as a teenager.

Life for widower Ethan Thomas is constantly on the brink of chaos. Trying to raise twin sons alone is just one challenge. As a high school principal, he has to deal with hundreds of students, not to mention their interfering parents. Now, he’s short one drama teacher, and if he doesn’t find a replacement to direct the spring musical he'll have a riot on his hands. His childhood neighbor, Addison Covington, could be an answer to prayer. Or one more complication he can’t afford.

Before Addison can say "Casting Call" she's been drafted for the job. Now, she's out to become the star in her own comeback story, despite some off-key caterwauling, a bitter ex-stepson showing up on her doorstep, and the boy-next-door turned sexiest high school principal she's ever met. One thing Addison and Ethan agree on is that there’s no room in their lives for romance. He’s got too much at stake, and she needs to reclaim her former glory in Hollywood. In the end, these two lost souls will choreograph a happy ending with the help of Grace, Love and a Curtain Call.

And here they are...Addison, Ethan and Double Trouble...

Book 3

IMAGINE THAT is definitely a story of opposites attract when simple, blue collar Nate Cooper meets charming Emily Sinclair, a best selling children’s book author on the hunt to revive her dormant imagination.


Children’s author Emily Sinclair was supposed to be the next J.K. Rowling…Until her second book flopped and her imagination went on the fritz. Like the storybook heroes of her childhood, Emily sets out on an epic adventure to find inspiration again. Till a dead car lands her in Covington Falls, a small, Southern town with a healing power of its own. Soon Emily is taking up her quest, looking for inspiration driving a mobile library van, as a companion to a crotchety old woman and her narcoleptic dachshund, and as a very ungraceful baker’s assistant.  Of course, what really sparks some romantic fantasies is a valiant hero, though he yields a paint roller instead of a sword.

Rugged, blue-collar Nate Cooper has spent most of his life avoiding the printed page. These days he doesn’t have much use for fancy words and certainly not for a slightly off-center writer on the lam. Not when his mother is battling cancer, his kid brother has morphed into a teenaged ogre, and God seems to have taken a vacation.

On paper, these two would seem the least likely pairing, and a happily ever after nothing but fantasy. But with faith and a little imagination, Emily and Nate are about to write a new chapter that will lead to unexpected love.

Introducing Emily, Nate...

...And Polly