Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Timeless Question…Would You Change History?

I’ve found my new favorite show this season and it’s Timeless on NBC. It has drama, action, humor, a great cast, worthy villain (who may not be so villainous?)…oh and cool period costumes. So the premise is that a time machine has been created by a mysterious billionaire-like figure.  The machine is stolen by a mysterious baddie (Garcia Flynn), who apparently wants to go back and change American history. Fortunately, there is another earlier prototype of the time machine just lying around. (Just accept the concept of two time machines being available.) The government sends three people back to stop Flynn: a history professor (Lucy), a soldier (Wyatt - the new hottie of the season), and an African-American scientist (Rufus) who isn’t so hot on going back in time for obvious reasons. In the first episode, the gang is trying to stop Flynn from blowing up the Hindenburg (after he ensured it didn’t blow up when it was originally supposed to).

The show also tosses out an interesting question. If you could go back and change history, would you? More importantly…should you change it? Would changing something in the past (even something horrible like people dying) cause an even worse ripple effect down the line? The first episode featured a female reporter who is supposed to die during the original Hindenburg disaster. Wyatt wants to save her, but Lucy insists that fate must take its course. The reporter has to die.

Last night’s episode poses the same question, but with even more importance. It’s all about the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Wyatt and Rufus both think they should warn Lincoln
and save him. Maybe everything would be better for the country if Lincoln does live. How can she sit next to him, talk to him, all the while knowing he was about to be killed and not say anything? But Lucy insists they can’t. She fears the consequences would be even worse. There's an even more personal reason for Wyatt the soldier to want to change history, though. In the last episode it was revealed that his wife was killed. He wants to know if Lucy would save his wife if she had the chance. Tellingly, she doesn't have an answer.

What do you think? If you had information that could stop a horrible act like the murder of a president, would you change history? Saving JFK for example? If you could go back and rid the world of Hitler before he came to power, would you? Or would that cause even worse consequences, as history professor Lucy insists? 

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