Monday, May 4, 2015

Book Cover Wars - You get to vote!

Hi all,

Getting excited! I have a new series launching soon, a women's fiction/romance. The series is set in the town of Shellwater Key, Florida. First time I've set a book in my home state, although I live in a city, so it's nothing like my little fictional town. The series follows three women who were childhood friends who all return to their hometown for different reasons. They end up getting involved in revising an old, run-down dinner theatre, The Paradise.

I've been working with the designer on book covers. I've struggled a little, as I've gone back and forth over what I want on the cover. Searched photo image sites, looked at other book covers, searched some more. Now, I have a couple options and I'm asking for you help!!

Which do you like for LEFT TURN AT PARADISE, my first Shellwater Key Tale???