Friday, September 12, 2014

9-11 And Why I Don't Want To Forget

I don't know why, but every year I end up watching the 9-11 specials. I always catch the same one.  "102 Minutes That Changed America" but there are many more.

I can't not stop and watch. And every year I have the odd thought that maybe the buildings won't come down this time.  I think that is the worst part... Because I DO know they will come down, and I know all those people are still in there.  I know the clock is ticking. I want to be able to stop it, like a video you put on pause. I want to tell them (the buildings) to wait! Just wait!    Wait a little longer.  The fireman are coming.  Maybe more can get out.

And every year there is a clip of a cameraman who somehow snuck in while everyone was running out. He walks out into the plaza of the World Train Centers. It is deserted and destroyed..and yet there is music playing like a little girl's music box with tiny ballet dancer spinning in a circle.  It is so haunting and surreal.

And then there is a man on the street, walking out of the dust. He's dragging his briefcase and coat  literally on the ground as if he can't even lift them anymore. And he just looks in the camera and says "Do you know where everyone is going?"  It gives me chills.

Maybe I have to watch to remember how horrible we all felt that day...and how united we were as well.  How much more people loved each other that day.  People in NY City stopping in the street to watch on a big screen. The whole world stopping to watch.  Maybe we all need to stop and we never forget that evil does exist in this world and that the only thing that will stop it is love.

Terrorists can kill people and knock down buildings, but they cannot destroy the soul.  They cannot kill love.  They cannot take away sweet memories.  Like the haunting music still playing in the destroyed World Trade Center courtyard those things are never truly forgotten.